We are the Resource Unit of Shenandoah Valley Social Services.

The agency mission is “the promotion of self-reliance and protection of citizens through community-based services”. As members of the Foster Care Team, our efforts play a key role in the protection of children who may be victims of abuse or neglect and in helping their birth families become self-reliant.

The mission of the Shenandoah Valley Resource Unit is “to provide children with lifelong connections to families by raising community awareness, advocating or permanency and connecting with services and supports to meet each child’s individual needs.”

Please join us in supporting the children who are placed in foster care.

Foster parents keep children connected to their families as parents follow steps to achieve reunification. Join the¬†Faster Families Highway¬†to start your foster parent journey and get connected with your local department of social services. Once you create an account on the Highway, you’ll be taken through a 6-step process to determine your readiness to become a foster parent.