The application is the beginning of the approval process. During our approval process, we learn about the prospective Foster Family by collecting forms, conducting interviews and making visits to the home. The prospective Foster Family learns about fostering and the agency through these interviews and visits, and by completing our pre-service training. We call this a “Mutual Assessment” – at the end of the approval process, if a family is still interested in fostering and has earned our recommendation, a Certificate of Approval is granted.

Application Packet:

The Application Packet contains two sections – one is to give you more information about fostering and the other includes the forms needed to begin the approval process. The information section is about 25 pages long and the Forms section is about 36 pages long, so the Application Packet is not something you want to print out. Send your mailing address in an email to to request an Application Packet.

Information Section:

This section includes: a welcome letter, common questions and answers, basic licensing requirements, goals and responsibilities for Foster Parents.

Forms Section:

This section includes: approved provider application, Central Registry Release form (for background checks) statement regarding previous or current convictions / court proceedings, DMV information release, exchange of information release, Virginia Administrative Code relating to Foster Care, confidentiality agreement, corporal punishment agreement, credit report release, TB screening and physician’s report.