In Service Training

Information for in-service training is listed below.  Resource Families may quickly find what they need here… if you have a recommendation of other items that should be available on this page, please contact [email protected].

Training – 10 hours for each Resource Parent each year; Resource Parents must have at least 5 hours of in person training,  and the additional 5 hours may be a combination of in person and online training.  Turn in certificates or “self-directed training form” for any training that helps you in your role as a foster/adoptive parent.

Resource Parents must keep track of their own training hours and report to the Resource Family Trainer each year. Training accumulates annually, and a new training year begins each January. You must complete the 10 hours per year to renew your Resource Home Approval after 3 years.

Below is a list of resources for In Service training hours credit. You can click here to access the In Service Training Tracking Form.

Behavior Challenges in Foster Care View Guide

Brave Viewing Guide


De-escalation in Foster Care Viewing Guide

Despicable Me Viewing Guide

Frozen Viewing Guide

Gracie’s Choice Viewing Guide

Meet the Robinsons Viewing Guide

Online Courses for In-Service Training

Resource Library List

Self Directed Training Form

Sendler Movie Discussion Guide

Tale of Despereaux Viewing Guide