Icebreaker Meetings

What is an Icebreaker Meeting?

An icebreaker meeting provides an opportunity for birth parents or other relative caregivers to meet each other and talk about the needs of the child. The birth parents and foster parents are able to share information about themselves and their family routines and traditions.

Icebreaker meetings are most effective when they occur early in a child’s placement, preferably within the first week. The child’s Family Services Specialist facilitates the meeting, which lasts about 30-40 minutes. It is usually held at the Department, but could also be held virtually or in the community.

Why is an icebreaker meeting helpful?

When birth parents and foster parents have contact with each other, the child will: (1) adjust more easily in the foster family, (2) better maintain the bond with his or her birth parents, and (3) do better in school.

Contact with foster parents helps birth parents feel better about their child’s safety and well-being and allows them the opportunity to share important background information about their child with the foster family.

Icebreaker Meeting Policy

Icebreaker Meeting Policy

Icebreaker Meeting Forms

SVSS Icebreaker Meeting Report Form

SVSS Icebreaker Meeting Evaluation Form

Icebreaker Meeting Information Sheets for Resource Parents

Icebreaker Meeting Information Form for Resource Parents

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