About Us

The agency mission is “the promotion of self-reliance and protection of citizens through community-based services”. The Shenandoah Valley Social Services Foster Care, Adoption and Resource Units are committed to the safety, permanency and well-being of children and families that we work with.

As members of the Foster Care Team, the efforts of Foster Families, Kinship Families and Adoptive Families play a key role in the protection of children who may be victims of abuse or neglect and in helping their birth families become self-reliant.


Protect and nurture the children who are placed in foster care by placing them with a resource family who will provide loving care and an appropriate developmental environment.  Provide services and support to prepare them for reunification, if possible.

Birth Families

Assess strengths and opportunities for growth. Provide services as needed to help the birth family correct existing situations. If necessary, place the children in a safe, loving home until reunification is appropriate.

Foster Families

Assist the family through the approval process and integrate them into the Foster Care Team. Continue to partner with them in all aspects of being successful at fostering. Connect them to community resources and provide in-service training to help them increase their skills and capabilities.


Implement Virginia’s laws and policies governing foster care, and always keep in mind that all our decisions should be made to serve the best interests of the children in each case.