Our Goals

Our goals are to inform the public about fostering, assist those interested and qualified to become Resource Parents, and partner with them as they support children placed in their care.  As a result, all children who are placed in foster care will be provided with a safe, nurturing and developmentally appropriate home, where they can await reunification with family or other permanency options.

Our main need is for individuals or couples to become Resource Parents for the children in care. View orientation materials on this page and select other “Foster/Adopt” menu options for more information about fostering.     See our “Volunteer” section to learn about or suggest other volunteer options.

Orientation to Fostering

You may wish to view these videos as a basic orientation to fostering.

Foster Parent Interview (will open new window) A 5 minute interview of UMFS Foster Parents on VA This Morning.

Foster Parent Discussion (will open new window) Want to be a foster parent? Virginia Beach Department of Human Services employees and foster parents talk about the city’s foster care program.